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A-Line Black


Women’s Size Chart

SizeShoulderBustWaist HipFull SleeveCup Size
4XS 13.528233323.5A
3XS 13.7530243423.5A
2XS 1432253523.5B
XS 14.2534263523.5B
S14.2536283723.5 B-C
XL 15.2542344323.5C-D
2XL 15.7544364523.5D
3XL 16.2546384723.5D
4XL 16.7548404923.5D+
5XL 17.2550425123.5D+
6XL 17.552435223.5D+

Style: Slinky Jersey

Sleeves: Long

Length: Mini

Perfect for: Midnight Moments

Waist: A-Line


Introducing the Aawaz A-Line Black Organic Linen Prom Dress

Sustainable Elegance: Aawaz’s A-Line Black dress is a blend of style and sustainability. Crafted from organic linen, this dress not only offers timeless elegance but also eco-conscious fashion. Organic linen is renowned for its breathability and minimal environmental impact, making it a responsible choice for the planet.

Off-Shoulder Allure: It gracefully frames your shoulders and collarbone, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

Full-Sleeved Versatility: The full sleeves of this dress enhance its versatility, allowing you to wear it comfortably in different weather conditions. Whether it’s a sunny day or a cool evening, this dress has you covered in style.

Charming Mini Dress Length: It’s perfect for warm weather, giving you the freedom to stay stylish and comfortable. Pair it with your favourite footwear for a variety of captivating looks.

Easy-Care Convenience: This dress is designed for easy maintenance, freeing you from complex care instructions.

Your Sustainable Style Statement: By choosing the Aawaz A-Line Black dress, you make a meaningful style statement. Embrace eco-friendly fashion with confidence, knowing that you’re contributing to a more sustainable industry.

Variation: Looking for more mini-dress options? Check out Aawaz Youthful Sage!


*Note: If you are somewhere outside India, please visit our Etsy Shop to buy your sustainable piece of fashion.*

In summary, the Aawaz A-Line Black Organic Linen Dress combines elegance and sustainability. Whether you’re enjoying a casual day out or dressing up for a special occasion, this dress is your go-to choice for chic and eco-conscious fashion.


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