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Bay Bamboo Tee


Simple is better and we went simpler than simple.

Buy one or a baker’s dozen, either way, this tee will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe.

30/1 Single Jersey

6oz Washed Organic Bamboo


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Get ready to rock your vibe with the Aawaz Couture “Bay Bamboo Tee” – the white tee shirt that’s basically your fashion BFF! 🌟 This tee isn’t just a shirt; it’s a mood, a vibe, and a whole style revolution, proudly made in India.


  • Ditching the ordinary and flaunting your unique style in a soft, comfortable bamboo tee that’s proudly made in India.  Trust us, it’s worth the wait!
  • Creating endless outfit combinations: Pair it with your favorite denim, leggings, or even a tutu! There’s no judging here; this tee is your canvas for self-expression. Show the world that fashion can be fun, ethical, and uniquely you.
  • Wear it with pride,knowing you’re making a conscious choice.

Now, here’s the deal – the colour you see might play a little game on your screen, but trust us, the “Bay Bamboo White Tee Shirt” is here to surprise you in the best way possible when you unbox it. Pro tip: start flaunting after it’s all fresh and fab!

Now, let’s talk laundry adventures – separate denim and colors from your white tee to avoid any unexpected tie-dye experiments. We want your tee to stand out, but not because of a color swap party in the wash!

So, whether you’re pairing it with denim, leggings, or even a tutu (hey, we’re not judging), the “Bay Bamboo Tee” is your canvas for self-expression. Get ready to slay, Gen Z style! 🌈👕✨ #BayBambooTeeFun #GenZStyleRevolution

Complete the look with Aawaz White Textured Fedora Hat or Blue & Beige Necklace! Don’t forget to check out Aawaz Couture’s White Textured Fedora Hat or Blue & Beige Necklace to complete your look! ✨

P.S. Fashion should be fun and personal.


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