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Black Pyjama Set


Discover irresistibly soft comfort with our NEW Bamboo pyjamas – made with our Iced Tech to keep you cozy and luxuriously cool all night long.

Sustainably Sourced

Organic Viscose Bamboo

Style: Classic

Colour: Black

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Get ready to slay the comfort game with Aawaz Couture’s “Black Pyjama Set” – because who said bedtime can’t be a whole vibe? 🌙✨ This isn’t just your regular sleepwear; it’s a flex, a mood, and a chic statement for the Gen Z crew who know how to lounge in style.


  • Snuggling into a pyjama set so soft and comfortable, it feels like a warm hug from your bed.
  • Now you can store your phone, snacks, or remote control without sacrificing style.
  • Whether you’re doing an impromptu living room dance party or perfecting your yoga poses, they move with you effortlessly.
  • Elevate your sleep routine: Treat yourself to the indulgence and comfort you deserve.
  • Feel good inside and out knowing you’re making a responsible choice.

Picture this: a pyjama set so comfy, it’s basically a hug from your bed. We got you! And yes, we’ve got pockets – because where else would you keep your essentials during those Netflix marathons?

Crafted from 95% Organic Viscose Bamboo and 5% Spandex, these PJs aren’t just sleepwear; they’re a lifestyle. The added Spandex? It’s your passport to flexibility, perfect for all those impromptu dance parties in your living room.

Bedtime just got a whole lot cooler. 🌈💤🖤 #BlackPyjamaSetVibes #LoungingInStyle

Don’t forget to explore Aawaz Couture’s other collections for more ways to stay comfy and look chic! ✨

P.S. Sleep and self-care shouldn’t be boring.


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