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Charm Piece


Vendor: Jellycat

Barcode: 670983145519

Clasp: Silver

Paws: Squeezable

Tummy: Podgy


Introducing the Aawaz Charm Piece: Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog Bag Charm / Keychain

Meet Ricky, Your Almost Smiling Companion

The Aawaz Charm Piece proudly presents Ricky, the Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog Bag Charm / Keychain. Take a closer look, and you’ll notice that Ricky’s sweet stitch mouth gives the impression of a nearly constant smile which radiates joy and positivity.


Measuring a delightful 3″ x 3″, Ricky is also perfectly sized to be your on-the-go companion.

Soft as a Dream

Ricky is enveloped in luxurious pea-green fur that’s as soft as a dream. His stubby arms and legs add to his endearing appearance which makes you want to reach out and give him a gentle squeeze.

Secure and Stylish Clasp: Ricky features a strong and stylish metallic clasp which effortlessly attaches to your accessories.

Squeezable Paws and Podgy Tummy: What sets Ricky apart are his squeezable paws and a podgy tummy. With a plush texture and squeezable features, he offers tactile comfort and a sense of playfulness which makes him an adorable and huggable companion.

Leaf-Green Joy: The constant reminder to embrace the vibrancy of life comes from his colour.

Fun and Playful Adventures: Ricky is not just a bag charm but he’s an invitation to infuse fun and playfulness into your journeys. Whether you’re embarking on a new adventure or tackling your daily routines, Ricky Rain Frog injects every moment with a touch of whimsy.

A Collectible Keepsake: People love him for his charming character. Enduring high-quality craftsmanship.

Variation: Explore Aawaz Blue and Yellow Bracelet, another enchanting love charm!

*Note: If you are somewhere outside India, please visit our Etsy Shop to buy your sustainable piece of fashion.*

Lastly, in summary, the Aawaz Charm Piece featuring the Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog Bag Charm introduces you to Ricky, your almost smiling and irresistibly soft companion. With dimensions of 3″ x 3″, Ricky is the perfect size to accompany you on your adventures.


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