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Green Solid Cropped Tights


Women’s Size Chart

SizeShoulderBustWaist HipFull SleeveCup Size
4XS 13.528233323.5A
3XS 13.7530243423.5A
2XS 1432253523.5B
XS 14.2534263523.5B
S14.2536283723.5 B-C
XL 15.2542344323.5C-D
2XL 15.7544364523.5D
3XL 16.2546384723.5D
4XL 16.7548404923.5D+
5XL 17.2550425123.5D+
6XL 17.552435223.5D+


Length: Regular

Perfect For: Gym Sessions

Fit: Slim Fit

Care: Iron on Low Heat

Out of stock

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Introducing the “Aawaz Green Solid Cropped Tights,” a personal favorite crafted with love and care. These tights are designed to elevate your active wardrobe while embracing the comfort and flexibility you need for your workouts.

– Immerse yourself in the delightful comfort of the “Aawaz Green Solid Cropped Tights,” meticulously made with high-quality materials. Experience the softness and stretchiness of the yoga pants against your skin, providing a gentle and luxurious feel throughout your workouts.

– These baggy joggers for women have been thoughtfully crafted with your needs in mind, offering a supportive and flattering fit. The fabric provides a gentle hug to your body, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease of movement during the yoga.

– The cropped length adds a stylish touch to these tights, giving them a trendy and versatile appeal. From yoga sessions to gym workouts, they offer the perfect balance between coverage and freedom, enabling you to feel confident and empowered.

– Each pair of “Aawaz Green Solid Cropped Tights” is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Count on these tights to accompany you on countless workouts, providing comfort and support every step of the way.

– These tights are designed to empower you on your fitness journey, allowing you to move with grace, confidence, and a sense of personal connection. Let them inspire you to push your limits, reach new heights, and unlock your full potential.

Baggy Joggers Women

– Indulge in the unique charm of the “Aawaz Green Solid Cropped Tights,” created with your comfort and style in mind. Markedly, each pair represents the dedication and passion of our team.

Functionality First

– Step into the world of active fashion with the “Aawaz Green Solid Cropped Tights,” a perfect blend of likewise comfort, style, and functionality. Inspiring you to achieve your fitness goals with confidence and determination let them become your go-to companion,.

The Variation

– Lest with our yet another, “Aawaz Bamboo Movement”, you can experience the same luxury, stretchiness, and softness.

Find Your Voice

– Embrace the personal touch and performance-driven design of the “Aawaz Green Solid Cropped Tights.” Motivating you to move, sweat, and shine later with every workout, let them become an essential part of your active lifestyle.


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