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The Versatile It Long Jumpsuit


Women’s Size Chart

SizeShoulderBustWaist HipFull SleeveCup Size
4XS 13.528233323.5A
3XS 13.7530243423.5A
2XS 1432253523.5B
XS 14.2534263523.5B
S14.2536283723.5 B-C
XL 15.2542344323.5C-D
2XL 15.7544364523.5D
3XL 16.2546384723.5D
4XL 16.7548404923.5D+
5XL 17.2550425123.5D+
6XL 17.552435223.5D+

Length: Full Length

Neck: Straight Neckline

Style: Open Shoulders

Legs: Wide

Closure: Side hidden in-seam zip closure


The Aawaz Versatile It Long Jumpsuit is a sophisticated and stylish garment that offers a blend of comfort and elegance. The jumpsuit’s strapless design leaves the shoulders exposed, which adds a hint of allure and creates a balanced contrast with the long and straight lines of the garment. Here’s a detailed description of this party wear dress for girls:

Material Composition

This party wear dress for girls is primarily composed of a high-quality blend of materials, with 35% of the fabric being linen. The combination of materials ensures that the jumpsuit is not only comfortable but also durable. This jumpsuit boasts a box pleat detail, enhancing its visual appeal and creating an interesting texture and shape. The box pleat adds depth to the outfit.


The jumpsuit is presented in a solid black colour, exuding a timeless and versatile charm. And, black is a classic colour that suits various occasions and complements different accessories. The front of the jumpsuit is adorned with lined buttons, which serve as a stylish embellishment.


The straight neckline provides a clean and contemporary look. Adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. So, this jumpsuit is the epitome of modern elegance.

Side Hidden In-Seam Zip Closure: The jumpsuit features a discreet in-seam zip closure along the side. Ensuring a seamless and snug fit. This hidden closure maintains the sleek and elegant appearance.

Long Jumpsuit: As the name suggests, this jumpsuit boasts a long length, providing a sleek, full-body appearance. For those who want to make chic statement while maintaining comfort, it’s perfect.

Versatility: The Aawaz Versatile It Long Jumpsuit stands out as a versatile piece of clothing. Its solid black colour, clean lines, box pleat detail, and exposed shoulders make it suitable for dressing up or down for a wide range of occasions.

Sizing: Various sizes are available for the jumpsuit to ensure a tailored fit for individuals.

– Variation: Also, looking to explore another creation crafted from the same fabric? Take a look at the Aawaz Basic Halter Jumpsuit!

*Note: If you are somewhere outside India, so, please visit our Etsy Shop to buy your sustainable piece of fashion.*

In summary, the Aawaz Versatile It Long Jumpsuit presents a unique and elegant fashion choice with its 35% linen composition, solid black color, strapless design, straight neckline, exposed shoulders, box pleat detail, front-lined buttons, and side hidden in-seam zip closure. It combines the comfort and breathability of linen with a contemporary and versatile style that can make a statement at various events, making it a valuable addition to your wardrobe.


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