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Youthful Elegance


Women’s Size Chart

SizeShoulderBustWaist HipFull SleeveCup Size
4XS 13.528233323.5A
3XS 13.7530243423.5A
2XS 1432253523.5B
XS 14.2534263523.5B
S14.2536283723.5 B-C
XL 15.2542344323.5C-D
2XL 15.7544364523.5D
3XL 16.2546384723.5D
4XL 16.7548404923.5D+
5XL 17.2550425123.5D+
6XL 17.552435223.5D+

Fabric: Linen

Sleeve Styling: Cut Sleeves

Neck: Deep V-Neck

Colour: Red

Length: Mini

Out of stock


Introducing Aawaz Red A-Line Mini Dress, a captivating and versatile piece that effortlessly enhances your style. This dress, lovingly crafted with organic linen, reflects your personal commitment to both fashion and the environment.

– Experience the allure of the “Aawaz Youthful ELegance,” meticulously designed with organic linen that is gentle on your skin and the planet. The vibrant red color adds a bold and confident touch, making a statement wherever you go.

– This mini dress for girls holds a special place in your heart, as it embodies your unique style and personality. The A-line silhouette beautifully complements your figure, while the mini length adds a youthful and playful charm, reflecting your vibrant spirit.

– Immerse yourself in the comfort and sustainability of this one piece dress made out of organic linen. This natural fabric not only feels luxurious but also promotes a more conscious approach to fashion, showcasing your dedication to responsible choices.

– Each element is thoughtfully crafted to reflect your personal style, making you feel truly exceptional.

– Every dress is carefully handmade by skilled artisans, who pour their expertise and passion into every stitch. By wearing this dress, you not only support ethical fashion but also honor the craftsmanship and dedication of these artisans.

– Embrace the versatility of this dress by styling it to reflect your individuality. Dress it up with your favorite accessories and heels for a special occasion, or pair it with sandals and a denim jacket for a casual and chic look.

– Aawaz Red A-Line Mini Dress symbolizes your commitment to sustainability and personal style. By choosing organic linen, you make a conscious fashion statement that celebrates both your values and your impeccable taste.

– Step into the world of sustainable fashion with the “Aawaz Youthful Elegance.” Let it be a reflection of your personal journey towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle while radiating confidence and elegance.

– You can experience this dress the barbie way, in the pink colour, that would make you look bold and confident with our “Aawaz A-Line Elegance”.

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– Embrace the enchantment of the “Aawaz Youthful Elegance,” an eco-friendly piece that celebrates your personal style and your dedication to sustainability. Experience the joy of wearing a dress that not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good.


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