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Training Women White Rapid-Dry Georgia Crew


Women’s Size Chart

SizeShoulderBustWaist HipFull SleeveCup Size
4XS 13.528233323.5A
3XS 13.7530243423.5A
2XS 1432253523.5B
XS 14.2534263523.5B
S14.2536283723.5 B-C
XL 15.2542344323.5C-D
2XL 15.7544364523.5D
3XL 16.2546384723.5D
4XL 16.7548404923.5D+
5XL 17.2550425123.5D+
6XL 17.552435223.5D+

Silhouette: Flattering

Stretch: High

Feel: Soft

Fabric: 69% Bamboo, 26% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Fit: True to Size


Introducing the Aawaz Training Women White Rapid-Dry Georgia Crew: A Fashion Defining Bamboo Comfort Essential for All Seasons

Bamboo Bliss: The Aawaz Training Women White Rapid-Dry Georgia Crew is designed for ultimate comfort. Crafted from 95% Bamboo and 5% Recycled Spandex, it offers a signature softness that’s both sustainable and eco-friendly.

Relaxed Long-Sleeve Crew Neck: This crew neck top features a relaxed fit with long sleeves, providing a cozy and casual style that’s perfect for various occasions.

Rapid-Dry Technology: The Aawaz Georgia Crew incorporates rapid-dry technology, which means you can stay comfortable even during active pursuits. It wicks away moisture, ensuring you feel fresh and dry, making it an ideal choice for workouts and physical activities.

Versatile Pairing: This versatile top pairs seamlessly with various bottoms, including the Aawaz Graphite Solid Baggy Relaxed Fit Trousers, thanks to its stylish and functional curved hem.

Sustainable Fashion: Aawaz believes in sustainability and eco-conscious practices. The use of bamboo and recycled spandex in this top reflects our commitment to both comfort and the environment.

Ethically Produced: The Aawaz Georgia Crew is ethically produced, adhering to fair labour practices and ensuring that the people behind its creation are treated with respect and care.

Low Impact Dyes: This reduces the environmental footprint of the garment, aligning with our dedication to sustainability.

All-Season Comfort: This top is perfect for layering in winter, offering you warmth and comfort while maintaining a stylish appearance. It’s a versatile addition to your wardrobe, suitable for year-round wear.

Feel the Bamboo Difference: It’s gentle on your skin and keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day.

A Wardrobe Essential: The Aawaz Georgia Crew is more than a workout top; it’s a versatile wardrobe essential. Whether you’re on the go or taking it easy, this top is your reliable and stylish companion.

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*Note: If you are somewhere outside India, please visit our Etsy Shop to buy your sustainable piece of fashion.*

In summary, the Aawaz Training Women White Rapid-Dry Georgia Crew is the epitome of bamboo comfort and sustainability. Crafted from a blend of bamboo and recycled spandex, it offers softness and rapid-dry technology for an active lifestyle. With its versatile styling and suitability for all seasons, including as a layering piece in winter, it’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


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