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Upcycled Louis Vuitton


Brand: Louis Vuitton
Colour: Brown
Compatible Model: 49
Compatible Brand: Apple, Louis Vuitton
Type: Wristwatch Band


Add a touch of luxury and sustainability to your accessory collection with these Upcycled Louis Vuitton Watch Straps for the Apple Watch Series from our Aawaz Summer’24 collection. These authentic watch straps are a testament to timeless style and innovative reuse, perfect for the discerning individual who values both fashion and eco-conscious choices.


– Material:
– Authenticity: Crafted from 100% original Louis Vuitton monogram canvases, these Apple watch series straps offer genuine luxury.
– Leather: The bottom leathers of the straps are designed with authentic Apple watch strap materials, featuring sweat-absorbing properties for ultimate comfort. The lower skins do not transfer color, ensuring long-lasting quality and hygiene.

– Upcycled Design: These watch straps are obtained from recycling authentic Louis Vuitton bags, giving new life to luxury materials.
– Comfort: The authentic Apple watch strap bottom leathers ensure that the straps are not only stylish but also practical, with excellent sweat-absorbing properties. Additionally, the materials used are non-carcinogenic and odor-free, providing a safe and pleasant wearing experience.
– Compatibility: Designed to fit Apple watches, these straps seamlessly blend high fashion with modern technology.

– Eco-Friendly: By repurposing luxury materials, these watch straps contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry, reducing waste and promoting eco-conscious choices.

Gift Idea:
Give the gift of timeless luxury with these Upcycled Louis Vuitton Watch Straps from Aawaz Summer’24! Made with authentic materials and designed for Apple Watches, they’re a unique and stylish present for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion. The recipient will cherish this eco-conscious way to elevate their Apple Watch.

Elevate your style with these Upcycled Louis Vuitton Watch Straps from Aawaz Summer’24. Combining the classic elegance of Louis Vuitton with the innovative reuse of materials. Therefore, these straps are the perfect accessory for those who appreciate luxury with a conscience.

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